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Recognition and Celebration

By November 27, 2014August 29th, 2018SOTG News

ad66f7_a17dd1e5e0804c3b9b94b91e581d10b1On Thursday night, November 20 James and several members of his Person Centered Planning Team joined more than 300 people at the Woodlands Marriott hotel to recognize the finalists for the Lone Star Small Business of the Year Award.  At Shredding on the Go we were honored to be a finalist and we enjoyed the celebration.

Indeed, the banquet was a monumental event in the four year history of Shredding on the Go.  Being selected as a finalist validated SOTG’s contributions as a small business and its impact on the community.  Hiring individuals with disabilities and giving them the opportunity to meet the needs of the community through shredding documents is a huge part of SOTG’s focus.  And being recognized as a business that helps other businesses keep their information safe and secure confirms that SOTG that provides a valued and needed service.

We’ve come a long way since 2010.  Then, SOTG was just an idea developed by a group of individuals who cared about James and gathered to discuss his future.   Together we decided that we could base an entire business on James’ skill of putting objects into containers and that James could transfer that skill to putting paper into a shredder.  That was the foundation of SOTG, and it is only by the grace and anointing of God that this business has come so far.  So many seemingly little events have happened along the journey and been used by God for SOTG’s success.  James’ charismatic personality and joyful disposition help the business grow.  His determination to work diligently and tirelessly, even under difficult circumstances (broken wheelchair) inspired us to reach for more business, more clients, and to hire more people with disabilities.  Our workers have been amazing and so dedicated to their work and all have overcome their unique challenges to become great shredders.  We have had so many opportunities to share this unique story with the community and it has made an impact on other’s lives.

SOTG is so thankful for this great honor and recognition.  We did not win the award, but we are satisfied that we have done our best, and we will continue to impact our community by providing a great service and by helping those who need an opportunity to work.  God is so good and blessing SOTG in so many ways!  We are thankful to God and to you for your prayers and support.