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Approval by DARS Propels SOTG Forward

By July 14, 2015August 29th, 2018SOTG News

Shredding on the Go is thrilled to announce that it has been fully approved to receive business support and funding from the Department for Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS).

James was accepted as a client with DARS five years ago, and SOTG received the first two shredders from DARS.  By approving our business plan, DARS has validated SOTG as a business and given its full support to making SOTG a vital part of the community.  This support will also help propel SOTG to the next level of sustainability, allow for expansion, and improve SOTG’s capabilities to provide faster document destruction and needed marketing tools.

It is very gratifying to have endured and persevered through the extended time period required to accomplish this achievement.  I, Renee` Parker, am extremely pleased and thankful for the acknowledgement DARS has bestowed on Shredding on the Go.  Approval by DARS would not have occurred without the tireless efforts and dedication of Norine Jalloway, the Community Rehab Provider and friend of SOTG. I also want to thank Don Ball, Executive with the Lone Star Small Business Development Center, for his consultation and advice during the process.  Anne Dille, DARS counselor, did an awesome job pressing the case forward after coming on board in July 2014.

James and I met with the DARS staff recently to sign the official paper work and celebrate the event.  It is truly hard to believe that SOTG has finally, after all these years, reached this monumental goal and will begin receiving the services it has been waiting for so long.

Praise God for his faithfulness and wonderful blessings given to SOTG.