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Breaking the Barriers

By February 10, 2016August 29th, 2018SOTG News


When individuals come together to share something they are passionate about, good things happen. Fox 26 Morning News invited Shredding on the Go and Robin Rettie of Monarch Institute for Neurological Differences to speak about the Breaking Barriers Conference that was taking place on Saturday Jan.23. In the interview Jose Grinan asked about SOTG’s accomplishments during the past year and the future prospects. It was a wonderful way to promote the conference and encourage families to connect with the community.

We were delighted to read many comments of support on social media and see how our story empowers families with special needs. Needless to say the conference was a success, when more than 100 parents, support staff, and professionals came together to learn how a young man with exceptional challenges started his own business with support of his family and friends.

James Parker shared with the audience his enthusiastic “Yes I Can!” statements showcasing his abilities to earn money, market business, hire shredder operators, and volunteer in the community. The message was well received and the enthusiasm was contagious. What is more the ideas were discussed and developed. Parents and others attending the Breaking Barriers Conference walked away with not only a feeling of being inspired, but a desire to turn that inspiration into action.

So many good questions were asked by families reflecting a desire to see their child be gainfully employed and participate in the community. They were desperate to find answers. Gaining knowledge and seeing an outstanding example of what is possible with self-employment gave many of them hope and a desire to turn dreams into reality.

Shredding on the Go team is so thankful for the opportunity to share our success story that breaks barriers every day. We hope to see many young adults starting a new path as a result of this conference and sharing their stories to inspire those who need them the most.