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Busy Days for SOTG

By February 10, 2015August 29th, 2018SOTG News

After the Christmas holiday, January was upon us at SOTG and James and his workers got back to work. Thanks to our oil company contract, we had 70 boxes to shred by January 7. We were also preparing for several upcoming resource fairs with Tomball School District, Mickey’s Place, and Family to Family Network at the end of February.

Renee and James use these opportunities to share with families the story of how SOTG started and how families should consider self-employment as an option for students leaving the public school system. James shows off his shredding skills and how this business was based on his skill to take objects and place them in containers. Now he takes paper and puts it in a shredder. What a great way to use one skill and turn it into a job!

There are many adults with disabilities that have similar skills and have the ability to do some type of job out in the community. We love having this opportunity to share and inspire other families with children/adults with disabilities. What a great opportunity for SOTG to show the world how people with disabilities can impact their communities.

Take a look at James at Mikey’s Place Resource Fair.