Carol Parker, Occupational Therapist, NTS

Shredding 101

By SOTG News
We’re delighted to feature a post by Carol Parker, the founder and owner of Neuro-development Therapy Services (NTS) on our Daily Shred blog. Carol has been James’ occupational therapist since 1995 and played a critical role in helping our staff members develop and hone their shredding skills. Below, she shares her experience as part of the SOTG team. 

When I was first asked to be a part of the Person Center Planning team for James Parker, I knew little about what to expect and what was expected of me.  I have been James’ occupational therapist since he was 3 years old.  We started by working on the typical self-help skills: eating, movement coordination, hand activities, and helping James learn to drive his wheelchair.  But over the years our focus together evolved to where we are today, which is centered around James and his love for shredding!

As a part of the PCP team from the beginning I have participated in the process of developing an employment plan that centers around James’ strengths and abilities, what satisfies him, and what brings him joy.  As a an occupational therapist, I led the process of teaching James and his fellow shredders at Shredding on the Go how to shred safely and perform the other tasks needed to accomplish their work as independently as possible.

Working with James and his infectious laugh and his parents, who work so hard to develop and promote Shredding on the Go, inspires me to believe that all people with disabilities with their strengths and talents are fully capable of performing in the workplace.

Successful 2016

By SOTG News

As we make our way into 2017,  we want to share an exciting development from the end of last year: SOTG had the honor of taking home the Small Business of the Year Award from the SBDC Lone Star University Park Campus, Small Biz of the Year Story. After being nominated twice before, as well as an incredible year of growth and development, winning this year was especially sweet.

On the evening of the awards ceremony, we arrived early, eager to start the festivities, to support our colleagues, but also in the hope of victory. We set up our business booth in the lobby, greeting friends and sharing SOTG’s story, all the while anxiously awaiting the program to begin.  Once at our table, we were joined by members of the SOTG family: Shredders Emma Irby and Stephen Sheehy, and their mom’s Rachel and Jan. In addition, our trusted advisor Norine Jaloway, Lone Star College’s Don Ball, and James’ assistant, Jontaria Fowls, all sat with us to support SOTG.

Ours was the final award to be announced. A short clip on SOTG played for the audience, last out of all the finalists.  As our anticipation grew, the MC spoke these words, “And finally, the winner is Shredding on the Go.” Everyone at the table jumped up and cheered as the whole room exploded with applause, whooping and shouts of support. With three team members on stage, we accepted this much-anticipated award, thanking the SBDC, the award committee members, as well as the support from our local community of Northwest Houston. The rest of the evening was full of laughs, fond memories and good cheer as we celebrated the fact that SOTG, a business that is a miracle in itself, had earned the title “Small Business of the Year.” What a great honor and humbling experience to be chosen among such other great businesses.

Besides winning the award, 2016 truly was a truly incredible year for SOTG. We added 6 new workers, expanded our client base to include 9 new contract clients, picked up 1,670 boxes of documents, shredded 51,700 lbs. of paper, participated in more than a dozen community events and found ourselves on the front page of the Houston Chronicle Business Section. The Houston Chronicle Story, Creation through Destruction, won the Barbara Jordan Media Award, and James rolled down the red carpet again as an alumni at the Night of Superstars.  We are so very thankful to our clients, to our friends and workers and most importantly to God himself for our growth as a company and for the continued opportunity to show the world what people with disabilities can do.

Breaking the Barriers

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When individuals come together to share something they are passionate about, good things happen. Fox 26 Morning News invited Shredding on the Go and Robin Rettie of Monarch Institute for Neurological Differences to speak about the Breaking Barriers Conference that was taking place on Saturday Jan.23. In the interview Jose Grinan asked about SOTG’s accomplishments during the past year and the future prospects. It was a wonderful way to promote the conference and encourage families to connect with the community.

We were delighted to read many comments of support on social media and see how our story empowers families with special needs. Needless to say the conference was a success, when more than 100 parents, support staff, and professionals came together to learn how a young man with exceptional challenges started his own business with support of his family and friends.

James Parker shared with the audience his enthusiastic “Yes I Can!” statements showcasing his abilities to earn money, market business, hire shredder operators, and volunteer in the community. The message was well received and the enthusiasm was contagious. What is more the ideas were discussed and developed. Parents and others attending the Breaking Barriers Conference walked away with not only a feeling of being inspired, but a desire to turn that inspiration into action.

So many good questions were asked by families reflecting a desire to see their child be gainfully employed and participate in the community. They were desperate to find answers. Gaining knowledge and seeing an outstanding example of what is possible with self-employment gave many of them hope and a desire to turn dreams into reality.

Shredding on the Go team is so thankful for the opportunity to share our success story that breaks barriers every day. We hope to see many young adults starting a new path as a result of this conference and sharing their stories to inspire those who need them the most.


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HOUSTON—The second floor of the Omni Houston Hotel is filled with joyful commotion and a scent of hairspray in the air. The Superstars are getting ready to shine on the red carpet tonight: girls with their moms and sisters, boys who decided to get a touch-up by professional hair and make-up artists, who volunteer for the event. The music sets the mood and the chatter goes on.

The honorees are excited to pose for pictures and give interviews. While the organizers are excited and anxious because it is the first time the Night of Superstars takes place in Houston and more than 500 guests attend the event. The Hollywood-like charity event gathers officials, celebrities and media to celebrate the accomplishments of the outstanding young people who perform beyond their potential in various areas despite the challenges.

“Every child has a breathtaking story. You cannot walk away from it without being inspired by what these everyday heroes do,” said Tanya White, host committee chair of the Night of Superstars.

James Parker is one of the Superstars who cannot verbally express his excitement. Instead he shakes hands and gives away smiles that magnetize the people he encounters. He drives around in a wheelchair in a new tuxedo and a green bowtie that goes along with his company’s brand.

 “We are proud of James to receive this award and participate in such a grand event that celebrates children with special needs who deserve the support of the community,” said Renee Parker, company manager for Shredding on the Go (SOTG).

Her son, James Parker, a young man with physical and developmental disabilities, is the owner of the document destruction company. His business empowers adults with disabilities who are eager to work and participate in the community by performing shredding.

“The story of Shredding on the Go is a powerful example of what determination and community support can achieve. With this event we hope to create awareness about outstanding entrepreneurs and young adults who inspire us to look beyond the difficulties,” said Greg Johnson, founder of the Night of Superstars.

Shredding on the Go Turns Parker into Superstar

By SOTG News

HOUSTON—James Parker, owner of the unique Houston business Shredding on the Go, will be honored for his accomplishments as an entrepreneur at the charity event Night of Superstars on Oct.17.

Parker, 23, is a young individual with disabilities who turned his love for paper shredding into a full-time job after high school. With perseverance and community support, the SOTG team has been growing its business since 2010. The company hires individuals with disabilities to perform all the shredding and participates in a variety of events to advance the idea of hiring people with special needs.

“Events like Night of Superstars are important because they celebrate the accomplishments and victories of individuals with challenges and also recognize the value that they bring to their families and communities,” said Renee Parker, James’ mother and business manager for Shredding on the Go. “We want to encourage Houston companies to recognize the potential of people with disabilities as capable employees or contracting partners”

The red-carpet event will take place at the Omni Houston Hotel and will bring together local celebrities, officials and media. The guests will recognize 15 outstanding individuals who are overcoming their adversities to perform beyond their potential in areas like academics, athletics, extracurricular activities, arts, and community service.

“We also strive to share our Superstars’ secret to true happiness with the public in order to change their perspective on their own challenges,” remarked Greg Johnson, founder of the Night of Superstars.

Shredding on the Go is a certified disability-owned business that provides secure document destruction in Houston. The company offers on location and pick-up shredding services to residential and corporate customers. With high-tech equipment and well-developed security procedures, Shredding on the Go guarantees customer satisfaction in a timely manner.
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Approval by DARS Propels SOTG Forward

By SOTG News

Shredding on the Go is thrilled to announce that it has been fully approved to receive business support and funding from the Department for Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS).

James was accepted as a client with DARS five years ago, and SOTG received the first two shredders from DARS.  By approving our business plan, DARS has validated SOTG as a business and given its full support to making SOTG a vital part of the community.  This support will also help propel SOTG to the next level of sustainability, allow for expansion, and improve SOTG’s capabilities to provide faster document destruction and needed marketing tools.

It is very gratifying to have endured and persevered through the extended time period required to accomplish this achievement.  I, Renee` Parker, am extremely pleased and thankful for the acknowledgement DARS has bestowed on Shredding on the Go.  Approval by DARS would not have occurred without the tireless efforts and dedication of Norine Jalloway, the Community Rehab Provider and friend of SOTG. I also want to thank Don Ball, Executive with the Lone Star Small Business Development Center, for his consultation and advice during the process.  Anne Dille, DARS counselor, did an awesome job pressing the case forward after coming on board in July 2014.

James and I met with the DARS staff recently to sign the official paper work and celebrate the event.  It is truly hard to believe that SOTG has finally, after all these years, reached this monumental goal and will begin receiving the services it has been waiting for so long.

Praise God for his faithfulness and wonderful blessings given to SOTG.

Shredding On the Go Becomes DOBE-Certified®

By SOTG News

Shredding on the Go announces that it has received Disability-Owned Business Enterprise Certification® through the US Business Leadership Network®.

It  allows Shredding on the Go to compete for jobs from businesses seeking diversity in their contracting work force. The USBLN® certification provides independent third-party verification that Shredding on the Go is owned by a person with a disability.

The USBLN® is working toward a world in which the US business community recognizes the contributions of people with disabilities and as a result includes them in workplaces, supply chains and marketplaces. As a disability-owned business, Shredding on the Go shares in this vision and seeks to model ways in which a person with a disability makes a contribution to the local business community.

James Parker and his family created Shredding on the Go in 2010. Parker, now 23 years old, has a genetic disorder, which has limited his ability to move and speak for his entire life. He uses a wheelchair and communicates through hand gestures, facial expression and eye-gaze. He also knows how to shred documents and has been shredding for Houston businesses for the last five years.

Shredding on the Go hires other workers besides James to help with the shredding. Each of these workers also has a disability. Nonetheless they are able to shred and to earn a paycheck, many of them for the first time in their lives.

If your company is seeking to diversify its list of suppliers, and is need of document destruction services, please contact Shredding on the Go by calling business manager Renee Parker at (713)824-3762 or sending an e-mail to [email protected]

SOTG Participates in a “Special Affair”

By SOTG News

A few weeks ago we shared some pictures of Stephen representing Shredding on the Go at an event at Graceview Baptists Church called a Special Affair. The event was created as a service project by Brianna Lopez in conjunction with receiving the Gold Star Award from the Girl Scouts of America.

Brianna shared with us that this project was really important because her brother has disabilities. Her goal was to educate people about the variety of opportunities for people with disabilities.

It took over a year to put the project together and included compiling the necessary research and a creative team to implement the event. SOTG met with Brianna in Tomball last year and we were happy to assist her with the event.

Brianna’s desire is to help families find more information on the many programs that are available for people with disabilities. Research like this helped her brother participate in sports and go beyond typical expectations for children with special needs.

Brianna wants to save families the frustration that her family went through and make a difference in a society. She believes it is important for people with disabilities to be a part of their community. After her presentation she conducted a survey which showed that the programs and organizations showcased at the Special Affair Event helped  individuals discover ways to be contributing members of their communities and how to participate more fully in a variety of programs.

Just like Brianna, one of SOTG’s goals is to help people look past the challenges and encourage companies to hire people with disabilities.

SOTG currently employs six individuals of different ages and gender, who have disabilities. What is more important is that they have ability to shred paper which enables them to work and be a productive member of society. Our company started from a collaborative effort of family and friends to fulfill a dream of James Parker to be an employed citizen and now it inspires many others to change their perspective on disability.

Busy Days for SOTG

By SOTG News

After the Christmas holiday, January was upon us at SOTG and James and his workers got back to work. Thanks to our oil company contract, we had 70 boxes to shred by January 7. We were also preparing for several upcoming resource fairs with Tomball School District, Mickey’s Place, and Family to Family Network at the end of February.

Renee and James use these opportunities to share with families the story of how SOTG started and how families should consider self-employment as an option for students leaving the public school system. James shows off his shredding skills and how this business was based on his skill to take objects and place them in containers. Now he takes paper and puts it in a shredder. What a great way to use one skill and turn it into a job!

There are many adults with disabilities that have similar skills and have the ability to do some type of job out in the community. We love having this opportunity to share and inspire other families with children/adults with disabilities. What a great opportunity for SOTG to show the world how people with disabilities can impact their communities.

Take a look at James at Mikey’s Place Resource Fair.

Shredding on the Go is Growing!

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Growing is a good thing when it comes to running a small business, and Shredding on the Go has certainly been blessed this year with many new clients.

On Friday, December 12, Alex and Renee’ delivered 20 shredding bins to a local oil company. It’s a very exciting opportunity to provide shredding services to their business and to continue to fulfill our goal of serving the community.

This is a big step for SOTG. And our workers are eager to shred more and to improve their skills to build our company.

 We appreciate all our clients for their business and support this year. We look forward to what 2015 will bring and the potential growth that will come to our small shredding business.