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Spring cleaning

By April 12, 2016August 29th, 2018Customer Focus

About to start a Spring Cleaning in your house? Get rid of your old documents to prevent identity theft.

Here’s some advice:

1. Keep only what’s important: typically these include financial statements, tax returns, home and medical insurance documents.

2. Get rid of old receipts, bank statements and pay stubs, unless you will use them soon. They contain a lot of sensitive information.

3. Do not forget, you can always back up all your documents electronically.

4. Prevent things from piling up ‐ unsubscribe from unwanted mail here

5. Organize your documents in catalogs based on how they need to be kept. Learn more about our shredding guidelines here.

6. Do not throw away old computers and hard drives, it is easy to retrieve personal information from them. Dispose of electronics properly through Technocycle.

7. You cannot rely on personal shredders to destroy personal documents. Only cross‐cut shredders can ensure secure destruction.

8. Shred your documents as soon as they are no longer needed.

When you are ready to free up space from unwanted documents, give us a call. Shredding on the Go uses high‐tech equipment to destroy your documents and guarantees customer satisfaction. Send us an email for a free quote

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