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Winter Newsletter

By December 16, 2020May 18th, 2021Newsletter

Year in Review

A message from Renee Parker, Managing Director.

As I think about 2020 and reflect on the year as a whole, COVID-19 has touched every part of our business in both positive and negative ways.  Shutting down for three months at the start of the pandemic—while definitely necessary given our team members’ health conditions—was challenging.  But it also allowed us to appreciate all the shredding jobs picked up in January through mid-March and how business owner James Parker continued shredding and kept the business going. He worked really, really hard with an intensity and determination shared by many other small business owners this year.

Ultimately, we have so much to be grateful for in 2020. None of our team members have contracted the virus. Amidst the pandemic, we’ve added several new commercial clients. And though many existing clients have gone remote at different points throughout the year, their bins are still being filled and then emptied, keeping our workers busy. We partnered with a new recycling company, Pratt Industries, that has turned out to be an incredible resource for our business. We hired an awesome job coach and started an invigorating 90-day marketing plan. We’ve also had time to update our vision, core values and our mission statement. In many ways, the business is stronger and more focused than ever before. And last but not least, we celebrated SOTG’s 10-year anniversary in July! (Stay tuned for a proper celebration party in 2021). We are thankful for our business clients and all the other jobs that have come in this year. We wish everyone who reads this newsletter a Merry Christmas and a healthy Happy New Year.

Team Member Spotlight: Elizabeth Flores

Let us introduce you to one of our hard working team members.

Meet Elizabeth Flores, who joined our team in 2017. At the age of five as the result of intoxication of penicillin she lost her vision.  The condition is called the Steven Johnson Syndrome.  Since she began working for SOTG she has become one of our most productive team members.   She loves the go-at-your-own pace work that SOTG provides, saying that “this job makes me feel independent and keeps me busy.” She is our fastest shredder. Previously, Elizabeth worked at the Toyota Center, as well as the Lighthouse for the Blind. Elizabeth lives in Northeast Houston and rides Metro to work.  Outside of work, Elizabeth enjoys spending time with her husband, gardening and cooking.  She is also involved in the American Council for the Blind, attending their local activities and participating in their community. We are so happy Elizabeth is part of our Shredding on the Go team.

Showcasing Our Clients

Here’s a shoutout to Sasol North America!

Sasol has been a Shredding on the Go client for over seven years. As an international oil company, Sasol’s business and ongoing support have enabled our business—from the size of our staff to the complexity of our operations—to reach a new level. Initially, we began our work with Sasol by placing 30 secure bins throughout their office in Houston’s energy corridor. And then, when Sasol moved into a new seven-story building the following year, we went with them, shredding all the way. Sasol’s leadership states on their website that the company is dedicated to diversity and inclusion. They have certainly lived up to these values by hiring Shredding on the Go, a business run by team members with disabilities. And beyond benefitting from Sasol’s business, we have been so encouraged by their staff members, who are always vocal in their support for SOTG’s mission. Sasol’s headquarters is in Johannesburg, South Africa; it employs 30,000 people working in more than 30 countries. We are proud to call Sasol our business client.